Veteran University Training Facility

Salute the Armed Forces® is proud to announce the impending opening of the first Veteran University Training Facility in Waukegan, IL. This will be the first of a string of training locations, each of which have the mission to help transition our veterans of the United States Armed Forces to productive, well-paying careers within the building trades.

Our Mission

In conjunction with the United States Department of Labor, the Veteran University Facility is dedicated to training veterans returning to civilian like the opportunity to gain and hone skills in the most sought-after building trades. This facility and subsequent facilities are among the most important services offered under the “Employment” tenant of the Veteran University Program.

Salute the Armed Forces® has developed a comprehensive training program. This training program is designed to quickly, efficiently, and effectively ready members of the Veteran University Program to learn skills in building trades.

Each participant in the program will work toward pre-apprenticeship and gainful employment. They will receive several important and valuable credentials rendering them eligible for employment among many different organizations hiring skilled labor. The program is designed to take students from the classroom to the work site to job readiness using state-of-the-art training techniques and facilities.

The Waukegan Facility

Located at 1616 Grand Avenue in Waukegan, IL, the Veteran University training facility began construction May 14, 2014. Phase one of this building project completed June 3, 2014. The official opening and ribbon cutting will be in the summer of 2014 and will be announced soon.


The success of the Veteran University Training Facility is due not only to patrons and donors to Salute the Armed Forces®, but also to our national corporate sponsors. We’d especially like to thank:

The Home DepotThe Home Depot

The Home Depot has been instrumental in helping facilitate the build in Waukegan, IL, and has been very generous to our organization and this building project.

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