employment assistance for veteransOften times, the specialized training our military receives doesn’t translate well into the civilian job market. That being said, clearly the basic skills of leadership, teamwork, discipline, and “can do” attitude does enhance their value to a prospective employer.

Salute the Armed Forces recognizes what a great asset we have in our veteran community. Our organization is constantly building our database of employers that seek to offer our veterans better futures.

Many companies have found that by calling upon us when hiring, are able to utilize our resources, which result in more long term job placements.

We endorse Profile International’s Pathway Planner™, a state-of-the-art job matching program, which provides the veterans and employers with many more viable options. Personal Profiles of Chicago, a strategic business partner with Profiles International, provides this help. They have developed a proprietary, in depth, personal assessment profile that is invaluable as a career planning tool. Research shows that when you find the right career match, the probability for success, and satisfaction, increases dramatically. The Pathway Planner™ provides this critical decision-making information to help our veterans’ success.

Education/Business Training – Salute the Armed Forces offers several training and mentoring programs through educational partnerships, to complement our veterans existing skill sets. We strive to improve business skills, educational opportunities and vocational training, all designed to empower our veterans to becoming more self-sufficient.

What Vets Are Saying

Here are some testimonials from some of those veterans we’ve helped:

“I’ve visited a few job fairs around the area and quite frankly it’s the same routine at all of them. All the companies talk with me but when I apply for the positions they tell me nothing but excuses. I’ve served my country proudly and had no idea it would be this hard for me to support my family. When I met Tim at your booth we made a good friendship. He being in combat and sharing some of these struggles has reassured my confidence. Tim told me he had the some frustrations and more.

I appreciate the follow up by Salute the Armed Forces. I’m going to take this more serious now. I know now how it is affecting me and my family also.

This coming week I will call the companies you recommended.

Thanks for giving me this confidence boost I needed.”

-Tommy D

“I’m sorry it’s taken this long for me to say Thank You. Your financial assistance helped me pay for the background check required before employment at our local casino. I guess I have a good excuse because I’ve been busy working there. This could not have been accomplished if you did not help me and believe in me. My wife and I sincerely Thank You and your nice people at Salute the Armed Forces. When I get ahead a little more I want to give back in whatever way I can.”


I’m glad we met each other at the Darien Festival. Your tent looked great and it was nice speaking to my brothers (USMC) you had helping talk to vets. Speaking with them helped me ease my frustrations. I’m going with my wife to your clinic to help me. Things have been a little rough after my two tours and until now I never saw I needed help. Thank you for reaching out your hand shake meant a lot plus thanks for helping my Marine Corp brothers. OORAH

-John T.